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10 ways to keep yourself busy this quarantine

Hey guys! Welcome back here. I hope you are not that bored your home this quarantine and even if you are I have something special for you to do and have fun and perhaps a very productive day.

I’ve rustled up some of my favorite ways to stay entertained if you’re self-quarantined or practicing social distancing in the weeks to come. 

And yes, It’s advised that you are self-quarantined.

Binge-watch your favorite shows

I am bored in the house and I am in the house bored, right? Me too.

So why not watch some of our favorite shows which we could not watch between the hustle-bustle of our life.

Watch all the really long movies which you could not watch before. Binge watch series with your family and give your long-gone time to them.

There’s always a show to binge.

Some of the series which I recommend you to watch are:

  1. Narcos
  2. Stranger things
  3. You
  4. Money heist
  5. Breaking bad
  6. Sherlock
  7. Game of thrones
  8. The office
  9. Friends
  10. How I met your mother

Some movies that I recommend you to watch:

  1. The privilege
  2. The wolf of the Wall Street
  3. The perks of being a wallflower
  4. The notebook (only if you are a hopeless romantic)
  5. Legally Blonde
  6. The Shawshank redemption
  7. Gone girl
  8. Matilda
  9. Little woman
  10. The big short

2. Educate yourself

People who actually have skills land a good job. So why not to invest this free time and do any of the free online courses available and increase your skills.

Some of the websites you can trust:

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. Khan academy

Do something which interests you and the field you want to enter into later in your life. This is the time you got to invest in yourself and build your cv/resume.

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3. Workout

Your health is everything that matters, so focus on yourself this quarantine.

Workout for at least an hour daily.

If you’re having trouble beginning an exercise plan or following through, you’re not alone. 

There are various benefits of exercising- from improving energy, mood, sleep, and health to reducing anxiety, stress, and depression. 

Whatever your age or fitness level—even if you’ve never exercised a day in your life —there are steps you can take to make exercise less intimidating and painful and more fun and instinctive.

Just ditch the all or nothing attitude and gear up! Just be kind to yourself if you haven’t had a workout in long.

Motivate yourself while listening to good songs and there’s you in a fit and a healthy shape.

There’s always an option of online workout videos. Watch and imitate.

Read something new

If you’re one of the countless people who don’t make a habit of reading regularly, you might be missing out.

There’s always a place to learn new things and as said ” books are our best friends” so befriend them this quarantine and read for at least half an hour a day.

Reading books has to be added to your daily routine. Some benefits of reading are:

  • Stress reduction
  • Mental simulation
  • Knowledge
  • Increases vocabulary
  • Helps in improving your memory

Self-help motivating books are my favorite and here are some I want to recommend to you too:

  • You are a badass – Jen Sincero
  • Think and grow rich – Napolean Hill
  • The subtle art of not giving a fuck – Mark Manson
  • The secret – Rhonda Bryne
  • The Alchemist – Paulo Coelho
  • Rich dad Poor dad – Robert t Kiyosaki
  • The monk who sold his Ferrari – Robin Sharma

Listen to good music

“I don’t sing because I’m happy; I’m happy because I sing.” – William James
Studies have shown that music can buoy your mood and fend off depression. So go find some good music. Make your own playlist and listen to the songs that make you feel good.

It helps you reduce stress so go ahead and make a playlist fast! Send me some of them too! I am waiting.

Some more benefits:

  • Strengthens learning and memory
  • Elevates your mood
  • Reduces depression
  • Helps you sleep better
courtesy: time magazine

Dance the night away

Stock up your favorite tunes for this day! Play your playlist and have a fun night with your family or you can even enjoy yourself. Just lock yourself inside a room and have the fun of your life.

Dance is a way of releasing powerful feelings, such as sudden accesses of high spirits, joy, impatience, or anger. 

Dance is a pleasurable and captivating activity that involves motor, cognitive, visuospatial, social, and emotional engagement.

So enjoy your way out.

Cook Something

I know Maggi is the only thing we know how to make but it’s time to upgrade now. So take your spoons and pans and start making your favourite dishes which you wanted to have and just could not eat them or make them due to your hectic schedule.

Also I don’t know about you but I will definitely come out as a chef after this quarantine. Catch me at the auditions of Masterchef.

(Laughs) …… Just kidding.

The ongoing lockdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has turned a lot of us into culinary enthusiasts and some have even started enjoying the joys of being in the kitchen.

In some cases, it might be tougher to teach than to cook yourself but it’s worth the challenge.  It has become more kind of a game, every day cooking something new and that too more delicious than before.

Start your own youtube channel

One of the best way to entertain yourself and the people around you is to start something new and a youtube channel is one of them. Doing what you love and showing it out to the world seems fun. Be it your long gone interest at cooking, calligraphy, fashion or being a hilarious person is something you can start with.

Make videos, edit them and upload them. You can also start earning once you cross 1k followers on youtube and see your fans going crazy out there loving you and your work. Make sure you turn out to be a sociably fun person this quarantine and make a full use of it.

You can also check out my youtube channel

Learn a new language

learning a new language can make you smarter, improve decision making and even keep your brain healthy in an old age. In today’s world, there are more than 7,000 languages and learning at least one of them will help you in your life massively.

Thanks to apps like Duolingo, you can stretch your mental muscles wherever you are.

However, you need to understand that learning a new language is not an easy task. You need to invest your time and energy in it so as to achieve results.  Enthusiasm to learn is all that you will need so as to get the first few steps done.

It offers practical, intellectual and many aspirational benefits. Whatever your age, being bilingual certainly has its advantages, especially in today’s global society.

In today’s business dominated society, being bilingual can only be an advantage and gives you a competitive edge when searching for jobs, or maintaining your current employment. Companies who plan to expand into overseas market are constantly looking for bilingual staff, who of which are well-paid and receive excellent benefits, as they will ultiamtely give the company a huge competitive advantage.

Learning a new language opens up a world of new opportunities. If you choose to learn a commonly spoken language, such as Spanish, French or German, you can travel practically anywhere in the world and not have trouble with translations.

Learning a new language is a an achievement anyone can be proud of and is extremely satisfying. Once the hard work and effort has paid off, you will experience the many benefits associated with learning a new language and you will have a new found confidence.

More fun things to do

  • Search for adult coloring books and puzzles. Or print the sheets out and enjoy your time.
  • Check Pinterest for fun
  • Dig out a pack of new cards and play with your family
  • Play online games with your friends
  • Do a video chat with your new/old friends
  • Pamper yourself with homemade face masks
  • Work on your mental health
  • Write poetry or anything you love
  • If it doesn’t bother your neighbors, dust off that old instrument and practice
  • Give yourself a bubble bath and hand a wine in another

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