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Best creative photoshoot ideas at home during this quarantine

Want to start your career in fashion blogging? Want to become an Instagram viral sensation in no time? Worried about how to grow on Instagram and gain followers?

Here I bring you some very best and creative photoshoots that you would enjoy doing and would also be able to become an Instagram sensation in no time.

They would hardly consume your thirty minutes to not even an hour a day.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner because these are made for people like you only who can start from doing something simple to something very extraordinary in your life.

I will also link my video from where you can take some help.
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1. Use the props around you

Plain walls at home? Furnish it with some cute little props for your background and start afresh.

Starting from fruits to your books or anything you find important and feel matches with the concept you have in mind. Just throw it in your background and voila, you get yourself something fun and quirky.

Not only this you can also tape down some bedsheets on your wall if you think your wall color is too dark or too light to match with the concept.

You can tape high or down your bedsheet as much as you like and create completely different pictures every time.

Here I have some idea inspirations for you to create:

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2. Newspaper photoshoot

Another quarantine photoshoot idea for your Instagram feed is here:

Doesn’t have enough props at your home? I am sure you would have newspapers for sure.

So let’s create something fun with this.

Tape them down on your walls and voila, you got yourself another background.

Ask your siblings or your parents or anyone around you who can do a shoot for you. Or if you have a tripod then why the wait.

Go out there and give out some poses for the photo you need.

Reminder: Don’t forget to smile while you get yourself a nice picture.

3. Food and drinks

Eat some spaghetti
Hand a glass of wine 
Give a pout with your favourite lollipop
Pour a bowl of cereal for yourself

And just start with the photoshoot you need.

Okay, so this is not me but you can do so much better than this πŸ™‚

This was inserted to give you a fair idea of what I mean.

Reminder: Don’t forget to give that pretty smile of yours.

4. Dupatta

The complex detail in lace makes it look so beautiful when light shines through it creating shadows on our skin.

You can also stand by the window for a nice natural light and the shadows to be created on your face. Or you can simply drape a dupatta over your head and do different poses.

Here, I bring you some of them:

Use Your Quirky Bedsheets At Home

What are you waiting for to shoot? Home photoshoots are now made easy even without a backdrop! Because now your backdrop is the bedsheet that you love.

So start taping your bedsheet to your wall. And voila you got yourself a new backdrop to enjoy your home photoshoot this quarantine!

Torch a circle

Got torches lying at home? Want to make use of it in this home quarantine photoshoot?

Also, get your toilet paper rolls or anything circle to create a spotlight on you!

Even if you don’t have any torch you can still make the use of the torch behind your phone.

How to make a spotlight on you?

Open your phone’s torchlight and tape the circle object around your torchlight.

Show the light on your face and voila, your little spotlight is created.

Now darn, you are the QUEEN!!!!

Do try these out and create your Instagram feed way hotter than it is now!

Bored at home? Find some ways to enjoy your time:

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