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Vasu Facial Beauty Oil

Heu guys!

Hope you all are doing good in this quarantine.

Well, today I have something amazing to review for you guys and that is none other than Vasu Facial Beauty Oil.

So the first thing that might be coming up in your mind is that why did I choose this facial oil to review today?

Well, number 1 is that it is from the brand called Vasu, and the 100th reason being the same that it is from Vasu.

This brand Vasu Healthcare is a leading company in India engaged in the manufacturing & marketing of Phyto-Pharmaceutical Therapeutics, OTC, Personal Care, and Herbal Supplements, since 1980.

Their primary motive is to Combine Ancient Ayurvedic Wisdom with  Modern Science,  To Give The Gift of  Good Health to Millions of The  World.

They work in about 40+ countries and have won 30+ awards for their brand in the market.

What is more to know about this brand when they have such an amazing response to their products and their products are worth spending on.

Now enough about the brand let’s hop onto their amazing products.

They serve you with more than 200 products ranging from sugar scrubs, face wash to haircare for both men and women.

I will be reviewing about their age revitalizing facial beauty oil today which I have been using for over a month now.

Why Facial Oils?

Rich facial oils are suitable for most skin types — yes, even if you’re prone to acne and incorporating them into your daily routine is one of the best things you can do for your skin.

Usually, it is a disaster formula when you hear the words “oil” and “skin” in the same phrase. But sometimes, in truth, the oil will set you on the road to a gorgeous complexion. Face oils can work magic on any number of skincare issues as insane as it sounds, and turn skin from stagnant to bright.

If simply put, facial oils are one of the skincare options out there. They’re formulated particularly to work with your natural oils to help keep your skin healthy.

Face oils can have many potential benefits, but their overall purpose is to serve as an extra level of protection for your skin.

Though they are known primarily for their hydrating properties, face oils can also improve your anti-aging routine and provide antibacterial and curative properties.

Face oils can be used in the morning or evening, or can even be used as a spot treatment to fix skin concerns such as dark spots and dryness

Why Vasu facial oil?

Vasu facial beauty oil gives you all the benefits you need in your facial oil. It blends the traditional beauty with clinically proven natural plant actives to offer a unique product that gives a natural glow to the face and also helps in overcoming hyper-pigmentation, and blemishes.

It’s enriched with kumkumadi tailum. What is it? It is an amazing ayurvedic concoction of herbs that acts as a magical remedy for uplifting skin health and treating various skin issues.

This gentle pack has been formulated with ayurvedic wellness that absorbs toxins and reduces pigmentation. 

How to use Vasu Facial oil?

Apply a couple of drops of Vasu facial oil of this stuff before you go to sleep, and you’ll wake up with glowy, moisturized skin. Or

To obtain the additive properties, you can always apply a few drops to your facial moisturizer or serum. Face oils can also be applied after serum to allow the serum treatment effects to ‘lock-in’ the skin

Vasu Facial Oil

Though I would warn you against using face oils if you are acne-prone. As these oils can be very pore-clogging and often add fuel to the pimple fire. Therefore a test patch is necessary prior to the application over the face.

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